Mckenzie's Foods

Website design and development, with a focus on growing customer database from 800 to 30,000 for a well loved brand.

Mckenzie's Foods Mckenzie's Foods

Our Brief

Australian household name, McKenzie’s Foods, asked us to redesign and update their website to fully reflect their brand essence. Central to the brief was more engaging content to attract return visits, social media integration and SEO compliance.



Our Solution

We began with a full audit to discover what worked well and what needed a new approach. McKenzie’s primary strength was its recipes, but its outdated website gave them very little prominence with no cross-promotion or product leveraging.

Our team devised an entirely fresh strategy, structure and design for the site, making the recipes more prominent and linking through to their associated products. Traffic and session duration immediately increased as users began exploring recipes and McKenzie’s products in more detail. To leverage this leap in engagement, we created a powerful email marketing strategy to build McKenzie’s subscriber database.

Our effective customer incentive helped to grow McKenzie’s Foods subscriber database from 800 to 30,000 and double the industry standard opening rate.

Increasing Subscribers

Our customer incentive strategy helped grow McKenzie’s Foods subscriber database and double the industry’s standard opening rate.

McKenzie’s had only 800 subscribers and no segmented lists or email channels to connect with their users. Following launch of the new website, we quickly devised a system to grow and manage the subscription database through significantly improved customer engagement.

Users will exchange currency (i.e. their contact details) for something of value. We realised we could leverage McKenzie’s bank of ebooks and recipes into customer interactions by designing and building an enticing ebook download system.

Adding strong calls to action (CTAs) on both the site and social media opened the floodgates to capture customer details in exchange for content of significant user value. McKenzie’s email marketing channel has since increased from 800 subscribers to a huge 30,000 and continues to grow daily.

This information allowed the brand to add user segmentation and help capture and understand its customers’ specific interests to deliver more personalised content. We designed beautiful custom templates for each category, so customers could easily control the amount of content they received, doubling the industry’s average open rate.

Custom integration with WordPress and MailChimp allows McKenzie to schedule weekly mailouts directly from its WordPress backend. In addition to saving time, the brand can now pre-plan campaigns up to 6 months in advance and schedule each mailout to deliver to the right people at the right time. This lets McKenzie focus on other parts of its business without neglecting its customers.