Pro Cyclist Brendan Canty

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Pro Cyclist Brendan Canty

We were engaged to design and develop a fully responsive website that would appeal to fans and showcase relevant and up to date information on the professional life and career of Pro Cyclist Brendan Canty.

Brendan has a strong following on Social Media so it was an important design decision to ensure the social feed became a prominent part of the content. This keeps visitors up to date with current information, and encourages his fanbase to connect with him through these channels. It also means content creation for Brendan is predominantly conducted outside of the CMS and leverages the content he creates through social media.

The website includes a blog and subscription feed. We created a customised Events module which allows events to include his results, a related blog post and direct link to his Strava ride automatically. it also orders and archives the events according to date meaning less time editing and arranging content and more time riding. 

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