Factory Sound eCommerce Website

The Challenge

As Australia’s largest supplier of professional audio equipment, Factory Sound have a huge range of stock and previously had an inefficient and costly website to maintain. Factory Sound wanted to increase their online sales, and needed to ensure the website accurately reflected their product availability.

The Solution

Starting with a new responsive design we added Spree Commerce to provide the store front functionality, and incorporated Refinery CMS for content management. On request, we migrated their existing WordPress blog to maintain the familiar and highly effective platform.

One of the most significant enhancements was the fully customised syncing of Windward System 5, their POS system, which has dramatically improved business processes. When purchases are made at the front counter of the store, the changes to inventory levels are automatically synced to the website every 15 minutes. Edits to products on the POS system are automatically reflected on the website, removing the hassle of maintaining multiple databases. The new site has reduced 'wastage' and eliminated a significant administrative burden. Confident that the product and stock levels are accurate, Factory Sound's website now features significantly more products.

Responsive design

The Factory Sound website has been designed to display using a fluid grid to change layout based on device and screen resolution to optimise the user experience. Significantly this opened the door for mobile users to confidently purchase online using the customer focused interface we developed. This has opened doors to increased browsing ability and subsequent sales on mobile devices. 

Windward System 5 Integration

Integrating their existing stock management system with the new online store was top of the list. Online products can be completely managed from within System 5, price changes, categories and product information can be updated in a single place.

Once a sale is complete, orders are automatically exported from the website back to System 5 where they can be fulfilled using the existing workflows of warehouse staff. With no new systems to learn, staff can continue to work in the way they always have.

Bulk image upload

Keeping product images up-to-date for a large catalogue can be time consuming. To assist, we included functionality that allows staff to upload hundreds of images that are automatically categoried into corresponding brand folders, automatically watermarked and attached to the appropriate products.


Having a few years of existing content in their blog, we decided rather than trying to build a new system, we’d bring the current system along for the ride. Sometimes it makes more sense to keep what's working for you, and the most popular blogging platform is a keeper.

Take a look at the Factory Sound eCommerce website here