Inventory Management Tool

The Challenge

Build a database and online tool to effectively service and manage inventory supply demands with limited warehouse space in an effort to retain client loyalty and improve communication channels. Added complexity came when numerous clients had high demands for multiple orders at any one time, varied order sizes to 70+ locations around Australia. Administration was taxing and their ability to offer fast service coupled with supply and demand was a challenge. With hundreds of items and millions of copies required in stock at any one time, and limited warehouse space, they needed to maximise the use of both their print runs and subsequent stock management automatically. On top of this, offer a faster, more responsive ordering and delivery process for the clients to retain their loyalty as customers.

The Solution

We created an online platform and database to manage items, ordering, print management, warehousing notifications and delivery. The clients themselves can now manage their own orders directly through the system and be kept up to date with the status of all their orders at any time by logging in and receiving notifications as the job progresses. Each of the clients branch managers no longer needs to be concerned with print run wait times, ordering through head office, out of stock delays, nor manage their own warehousing of print collateral. The system also allows each item and user to have customised limits on quantities, track, monitor and report on historical information for orders by person, item, location, date range, order number and so on. For marketing managers themselves managing and monitoring who is ordering what, setting unique restrictions or ordering limits per branch for certain products is now possible. Clients also they now get instant delivery of any of the items loaded into the system, full ordering control and much faster delivery times.


Admin: Keeps track of the status and full detail of all orders. Including user, client, delivery location, packing instructions, Delivery instructions, special comments Item detail, images, quantities, dates

End User: Orders their products directly through the system. The Printer and the Client are notified simultaneously, which in turn prompts the production team to pack and deliver the items on the same day.


What the client said

"The Metro Online system has enabled us to offer our customers a streamlined and direct form of communication in terms of ordering and consolidating print and promotional material. Clients benefit from having easy access to the history of usage, the advantage of holding minimal stock levels which allows for quick updates and changes to copy, consistency of branding and reduction in costs through manufacture of the most appropriate quantity. The system allows our customers to have control of their own database customizing sections where necessary. It allows the user to catalogue items using images of the said item."