ENDIA Website

The Challenge

The Environmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity (ENDIA) study is a research group collecting information on causes of Type 1 Diabetes to find ways to prevent it. They investigate a number of environmental factors that they believe may contribute to the development of islet autoimmunity and Type 1 Diabetes in children.

To help raise awareness of the program, the ENDIA group approached BJM Design to help create an emotive website that engages with potential participants and motivates potential participants to register for the program.

The Solution

The solution was simple..... Simple site navigation, easy to access content all managed by the client using a custom Content Management System (CMS). With the ability to manage every part of the website directly via a web-browser, the client was able to have complete control and access unimpeded by website adminstrators.

We made sure that the branding, imagery and user interface was elegantly simple. We highlighted the important messages to highlight the difference participants could make for many people with diabetes.

Social Integration

To help the study connect to current and potential participants we included the ENDIA Facebook feed on the website, highlighting the activity of the group in that social space. The social media helped increase the awareness of the study and the address the need for future parents to participate.

We also developed a news feed to highlight study specific news and reports which were also posted on the Facebook page. This helps greatly with cross-linking and also helps promote the Study's search for the causes of Type 1 Diabetes and ways to prevent it.

Team connection

We used the ENDIA Website as a way to bring researches from all over Australia together, creating a portal to access their secure in-house information, rather than having to remember a long URL. Adding such a simple and effective attribute was a great way to connect all the team members and increase morale.

Media coverage

The study has been recognised on a national level and we have seen a number of articles and television coverage about the trial.