Video Producer

We are seeking a digital producer, who’s primary responsibility will be to consolidate and coordinate the creative work of the production team holistically, to meet deliverables against milestones for projects running in parallel. You will project manage delivery of projects collaboratively working openly and effectively directly with clients to deliver a great client experience. This role is focused specifically on our Video and Animation projects and you will be required to manage external & internal resources and have an ability to contribute to projects with a varied skillset covering:

  • Project Management/Digital Producer

  • Strategic and creative direction

  • Script writing & assistance

  • Managing client feedback

  • Proofing and management of change requests

  • Client liaison & account management

  • Pre-production

  • Scheduling & budget management

  • Be organised and passionate to coordinate projects running in parallel.

Using existing process we’ve developed, you will also be tasked to be a key decision maker in the expansion of our current delivery process. Our vision is focused on a consistency of delivery from one project to another developing new processes to ensure a high level of client experience on all projects we undertake. We are half way there, but would welcome a fresh set of eyes or any existing experience to be brought to the table to help achieve this goal.

The position would be flexible in terms of time commitment, but at minimum a full day here at the BJM Studio every Tuesday is required to be involved in our weekly Work In Progress and scheduling meeting face to face. Then on a freelance capacity throughout the week (remote) to keep the momentum on the delivery of assigned projects. Our anticipated requirements would be approx 2 (perhaps up to 3) days equivalent per week in terms of time commitment.

To get the ball rolling, please send your resume to


Video Production
Creative Direction